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Everyone is blessed with soft and glowing skin. Environmental pollution results in skin damage. If you take little precautions for protecting your skin, you can achieve fine and glowing skin. .

Firstly, drink plenty of water. Water improves your skin tone by removing the toxins from your body. The toxins from your body are removed either through kidney or from your skin. Our body requires about 2 liters of water everyday to remove the waste substance from our body. Keep a bottle of water with you and drink as much as water you can.

Secondly, avoid the habit of picking the pimples. This is a bad habit, which irritates your skin. Get a good skin care treatment for pimples and other scars in your face. Never ever touch and irritate them with your hands. Picking and pinching pimples will only exasperate them.

Thirdly, shun the habit of smoking. Smoking will augment the aging process. They will close the pores in your skin and thereby interrupting the breathing process of your skin.

Always use a sun protection cream. This will protect your skin from the harmful radiations of sun. A good sunscreen lotion will help in protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays. Apply this lotion frequently to get good results. The effects of sunscreen lotion will only lat for 2 hours, so it is recommended to apply them after every 2 hours to retain your skin protection.

Removing your facial hairs using strips also harms your skin. They will damage and irritate your skin. So try to avoid this procedure.

Clean your face regularly with a mild face wash to remove the dirt and dust. This will make your skin feel fresh. After removing the dirt from your skin, the pores will be completely free to breathe fresh air. Application of a good moisturizer is also a good idea to keep your skin glowing. Before applying any products make sure that they are branded. If any kind of irritations are detected, try to avoid further usage of that product.

Go close to nature and use herbal and natural products for your skin. They are undisruptive and provide fine and long lasting results. protect your skin properly to look young and gorgeous.

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