Pimples – Formation and Prevention

Pimples have become a normal occurrence nowadays, frequently bothering teens and adolescents and also affecting older people, particularly women. Pimples start pushing through the skin at about the age of puberty. For many, twenty is the age when they finally regress. But for the rest, they continue to bother deep into the twenties.

Pimples go through the normal cycle of growth and regression best when they are left on their own. Once a pimple has surfaced, it is best to ignore it and live with it for the next few days. They leave behind permanent scars and can lead to more skin reactions if they are itched or scratched. That’s because pimple development is a normal mechanism of our skin to prevent the spread of infection. The collected pus and the inflammatory products in the pimple fight antigens and infectious agents stuck in the minute skin pockets called pores.

Pimples form when the pores on the skin surface get blocked due to excess sebum and skin debris. The tiny pores that accompany hair as they emerge from the skin get clogged; as a result, the contents of the pores start to accumulate. Furthermore, bacterial action converts some of the contents into those that cause skin irritation and reaction, leading to redness and swelling. Finally, the defense cells of the blood known as white blood cells come into action, walling off the area of the skin and scavenging the bacterial products. This produces pus that gradually builds up. Once the job has been done, the walling off procedure is reversed, and the pimple regresses.

Once ticked, pimples continue their normal course of progress, which fortunately ends in total regression. So once it has started to develop, better leave it to its logical end. However, there are many things that you can do to prevent the course of development to get ticked in the first place. Keeping your skin oil free is definitely the foremost of those. Oil is the principal reason of clogging because it acts as an adhesive for the many inflammatory products to stick to. Simply by keeping your skin oil free, you can maintain a cleaner and more hygienic skin surface.

Cleansing products are good at reducing the chances of any pimples developing on your skin. Other skincare products that clog your pores deserve total avoidance. The term noncomedogenic refers to those products that can be completely washed off without clogging your skin. So whenever you shop for skincare products, keep that label in mind, and also that you have to cleanse your face as soon as you get back to your bathroom.

Even better, use some vitamin b5 acne treatments that would take care of the extra sebum produced. For further info, you can read through our acne skincare guide.

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