Five Tips To Help You Get the Very Best From Your Dermatologist

Physicians are very busy individuals that are usually overworked,  underpaid and sometimes harassed by patients.  Nonetheless I think they really want to help their patients,  and will aggressively treat your acne condition.  There are a variety of easy steps you can take to make certain you obtain the proper care from your acne doctor.

1.  A essential skill to getting the best out of any situation is clear communication.  Your doctors can only act on the info you present to them.  Not providing a full medical history is the major reason for misdiagnosis.  Make sure you explain to your medical doctor how long you have had acne, precisely what treatment options you have tried,  exactly where does the acne appear and is it made worse by anxiety or sunlight.

2.  Ask questions about any aspect of your acne that you would like to make clear.  A good suggestion is to write down the questions you want to ask in advance of your chat so you won’t forget anything important.  Do not feel embarrassed about asking specific questions. Keep in mind there there are no dumb questions.

3.  Recognize that there are no miracle remedies for acne and that you might have to try a variety of different treatment options before you find one that treats your acne condition.

4.  Make sure you talk about the emotional side and how your acne makes you feel. This is a vital area which is typically overlooked and is clearly important if your acne is causing depression or leading to social withdrawal.

5.  If your doctor prescribes any kind of medicine,  make certain you fully understand

1) exactly how to apply the treatment,

2)how much time it could take before you see any kind of improvement,

3)any side effects in which you may experience,

4)when should you return for a follow up scheduled appointment,  and

5)for how long the treatment will continue.  These important questions will make certain you are completely up to date and fully understand the treatment course you are starting.

Remember your physician is there to help you conquer both the physical and emotional facets of acne.  If you don’t think your primary care physician is approachable, consider talking to a specialist like a dermatologist.  Whatever you decide to do,  make certain you seek help and don’t allow acne get the better of you.  Your skin is very important and you don’t have to live with frequent acne breakouts.  Seek help today.

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