The Dr Phil Diet

Famous TV doctor Phil McGraw has designed a diet program that he claims will allow you to lose all the weight you want. The mental side is a big part of the Dr Phil Diet. Dr. Phil believes that dieting is a frame of mind and you will first have to convince yourself that you are going to lose weight before you can actually do it.

The Dr. Phil Diet consists of seven steps. The first one is right thinking. This is basically planning how much weight you want to lose and how you will achieve that goal. Right thinking also includes accepting that weight loss will take time and a lot of hard work and sacrifices.

The second step in the Dr. Phil Diet is called healing feelings. A lot of people eat too much to compensate for the unhappiness they feel inside. In order to lose weight these people will have to find out why they are eating too much and take care of these underlying causes.

The next step in the Dr. Phil Diet is putting yourself in what is called a “no-fail environment”. This means that you will need to surround yourself with people who support your weight loss goals and do need tempt you by eating junk food all the time.

The fourth step in the Dr. Phil Diet is mastering overeating and impulse eating. People who weight too much tend too eat all the time, even when they are not hungry. Controlling these eating impulses is on of the keys to losing weight.

The fifth key of the Dr. Phil Diet is the idea that the more effort you put into preparing your food, the healthier it usually will be. Foods that can be prepared quickly and easily will often have lots of calories and be very unhealthy.

The next part of the Dr. Phil Diet is regular exercise. As most people know, exercising is very important if you want to loose weight. This is why you should make exercise part of your lifestyle.

The seventh and final key in the Dr. Phil program is creating a support circle of people who help you stay motivated. If you feel discouraged these people will put you back on track.

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