Geometrically Shaped Head Mizuno MX-560 Driver

The Mizuno MX-560 driver features a unique H.E.M.I geometric head shape that delivers maximum heel/toe and up/down MOI (moment of inertia) for extreme forgiveness, while maintaining a low spin rate and high launch angle for ideal trajectoy.. A CNC-milled, plasma-welded Cortech design utilizes multiple face thicknesses for extreme distance. The maximum allowable USGA 460cc volume is delivered in a unbelievably large head shape for a “can’t miss” driving attitude and a solid, explosive, and powerful sound that announces your presence with authority.

Mizuno’s famous HEMI technology has been used in the MX560 driver to give a very high MOI (Moment Of Intertia) for massive forgiveness and less club head twisting on off centre strikes.

The massive 460cc Titanium head gives promotes confidence at address and a ‘can’t miss’ attitude.

The good looking Titanium head uses a precision milled, plasma welded face with ‘Cortech’ technology for explosive distance and forgiveness.

A large percentage of the clubhead’s weight is positioned low and further back. This gives helps the ball to have a higher initial launch but with very little backspin when struck – giving more distance!

A ‘Power Bar’ crown reinforces this very thin area to transfer more energy to the face during impact. Increased bulge and roll on the face helps to automatically correct wayward drives caused by off-centre strikes.

Available with either an ultra high quality Fujikura ‘Fit-On E150’ graphite shaft, Mizuno Exsar DS3 graphite shaft or Pro Force V2 graphite shaft for the maximum distance and carry on your drives.

Mizuno just like other manufacturers are very aware that one driver design doesn’t suit everybody. Mizuno MX560 has been designed to be ultimately forgiving and powerful, for those on a quest for maximum distance off the tee no matter where shots are hit on the face.

By using a geometrically shaped head which is wide from face to back on the Mizuno MX560, Mizuno engineers have been able to get much more club and the centre of gravity beneath the ball. Dramatically increasing stability over conventionally shaped drivers. Which for the average club golfer means a tighter dispersion between shots, higher launch angles (to increase carry distances) and moderate spin to aid accuracy and distance. Making the MX560 just what most club golfers are actually after. The all titanium head also sounds pleasingly familiar when compared to some of the other designs which are now common place.

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