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Have you seen media reports about laser hair removal at home? In 2004, TRIA Beauty launched worldwide distribution of home laser hair removal systems, creating an alternative to treatments in doctor’s offices. With a personal TRIA laser hair remover you can enjoy a lasting reduction of hair growth using a convenient and safe technique.

Using a TRIA Laser Hair Remover is Easy

A TRIA device is about the size of a small hair dryer. To use it, you repeatedly point the laser at a small area of hair, exposing it to seconds of light. The appliance beeps when you are successful and buzzes if you need to push the button again. The laser heat, mostly absorbed by pigment in the hair follicles and not by your skin, inhibits growth, giving you the results you are seeking.

There is no need to be concerned about pain using a TRIA device. Some people report a mild, brief “zap”, but often, after the first few times, some people feel almost nothing. After a session your skin may be redder, but this won’t last more than 24 hours.

Can Everyone Use this Home Device?

Home laser hair removal is an excellent way to achieve hairless armpits, legs, and bikini lines. Some people also use a TRIA for clearing other areas such as the chest, back, and arms. If you are looking to remove hair from your face or any other delicate skin, it is best to go to a professional clinic–or watch for new developments in home laser options.

You may or may not have heard that laser technology is not effective for removing light-colored hair, or when your skin is medium brown or darker. At this point in time, a TRIA laser hair remover works best for dark hair on light skin. A special safety feature requires users to use a sensor to check skin tone before use, as dark skin can be burned.

TRIA Systems Have Many Benefits

Benefits of choosing TRIA laser hair removal are:

Affordability – They cost about $ 795, which is considerably less than a series of medical treatments, that cost you from $ 1,800 to $ 4,500 for one body area.
Convenience – When you remove hair at home you save travel time and the need to book appointments.
Good results – You can enjoy a major reduction in hair growth that lasts for 12 months or more.
Doing occasional touchups is possible – No need to book an appointment to remove a few stray hairs.

Finding these devices for purchase is not difficult. You can go to the manufacturer’s website to make your purchase or to look at the lists of retailers and physicians who sell TRIA laser hair removal systems. When you see a physician to purchase your device, you can ask more questions and have a demonstration treatment.

How to Use TRIA’s Laser Hair Removal System

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