How Is Skin Tightening Effective?

Our unhealthy lifestyle, hectic schedules and worries and mental disturbances shows in our skin in the later years of our lives. Today, as people reach their forties, they tend to get lose and sagging skin with pigmentation marks and dark circles. These problems are even found in people in their thirties too! The crow’s feet are difficult to get rid of. Even if your skin is showing all signs of aging and is making you look older than your age, the skin tightening treatments could rejuvenate it and make you look younger – sans any cuts, surgeries, stitches or pain!

Laser skin tightening

One of the most popular and effective ways to treat wrinkles is laser skin tightening treatments. You just need to follow certain preparatory steps before undergoing the actual process. A few days prior to the treatment you should avoid exposure to direct sunlight. If that seems almost impossible, the best alternative for you is to use a good quality sunscreen lotion (preferably SPF 30). Moreover, you should also stop using any creams or lotions that you were using lately. Now let us take a glance at the procedures that a cosmetologist takes up –

The dermatologist first cleans traces of makeup or adhering oil and dirt. You would then be fitted a protective eye gear to safeguard your eyes from the laser beams or accidental spill of any chemicals used. Even if the procedure is less painful, sometimes a doctor uses a topical anesthetic to completely relieve you from even the slightest sensations that might occur during the treatment. The surgeon then glides a laser machine over the wrinkled areas of your skin. The equipment emits high intensity light beam and cool air simultaneously. The heat of the laser beam helps to rejuvenate and revitalize the collagen fibers present in the deeper layers of the skin layers; the cool air that accompanies prevents the epidermis from burning.

Benefits and side effects

It is good news for all those who would like to go for a skin tightening treatment that the chances of adverse side-effects in case of a non-surgical skin tightening treatment are almost nil! On the contrary, you could get rejuvenated skin instantly after the procedure. Do not fret if you notice a slight reddening of the skin or a warm sensation, as it is temporary and will vanish after a couple of hours or so.

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