Good Spa Manners

Every public place has certain manners that a courteous person should adhere to and a spa is no different. Going to a day spa can be a luxurious treat for an individual. By adhering to proper manners and using a bit of sensitivity, it can be a great experience for everyone involved. Here are some do’s and don’ts for manners:

– Do make an appointment in advance: Walk-in appointments may be allowed in some places, but having knowledge of clients scheduled in advance will allow the staff to be well prepared for each customer.

– Be prompt: Tardiness in a customer will cause every client down the line to be shortchanged. One late person causes a domino effect of lateness. Punctuality is showing respect to the staff and all customers that follow.

– Cancel well in advance if necessary: Sometimes appointments have to be cancelled or rescheduled but twenty-four hours should be the minimum time allowed for this. Many spas have policies which state that the fees are still due on late cancellations. Check the policy at your location.

– Turn off cell phone: Cell phones should be left at home or in the off position. A calm atmosphere is desired by all and a ringing telephone or audible conversation by patrons will be an interruption.

– Tip your practitioners: A tip should be included for each technician who has provided exemplary service. Masseuses, aestheticians and other staff members are valuable to well-being and should be rewarded with a tip.


– Bring food into the facility: Eat before or after your treatments. No one wants to smell the aroma of burgers and fries drifting through while they’re relaxing into their massage.

– Forget to drink water: Drinking adequate water after a massage is essential for re-hydrating and washing away toxins. Bring your own water bottle or say yes to their offers of fluids.

– Speak in a loud voice: Speaking in booming voices should be left to the sporting event. Quiet and hushed voices are a way of contributing to the peaceful environment.

– Bring your kids: A day at the spa is a pampering treat. Children are wonderful but this is not the occasion to bring them along. They will become bored, rambunctious and disturb you and everyone else.

– Bring your pets: We know you love your little pooch in his classy carrier, but not everyone feels the same way. Many people have allergies to dogs and shouldn’t be subjected to one during their pampering outing. Besides, Roverina would rather be home playing with her favorite rawhide bones.

– Be cranky: Be kind and the world will respond the same way to you. If there is a problem, handle it in a sensitive and polite way. Harassing the staff will ruin everyone’s experience.

– Come to your appointment sick: If a person has a contagious illness, they should stay home. It’s better for their own immune systems and won’t spread the malady to other patrons and technicians.

Follow some good manners and use a little sensitivity. Everyone at the spa, including you, will be glad you did.

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