Simple Tips to Help Teen Girls Have Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Many factors influence whether or not your skin as a teenage girl is healthy and at its best, and I am going to share information that will help you have both.  These suggestions are essential for you to begin now while you are young. Keep in mind the following guidelines have little to do with make-up. Trust me when I say that your skin, at this time in your life, is naturally beautiful without make-up!  Many women would love to turn back the hands of time and have the skin you have right now.

Simple Tips to Help Teen Girls have Beautiful and Healthy Skin:  

Eat healthy– During this day and age, junk food appears to be the norm.  It’s convenient, inexpensive, and quite tasty, but it is also full of excessive fat, salt, and sugar! Yes, it is okay to eat junk food occasionally, but your diet should consist of more healthy food choices like fruits and vegetables.  If you want your skin to be healthy, you have to eat healthy.
Drink plenty of water (48 ounces minimum)– A pretty flower begins to droop, sag, and wither if it goes for an extended period without water. The texture diminishes and the color fades. You, my dear, are just like a flower and you must replenish your body with water so you can rejuvenate your skin. Although water is in soft drinks and fruit flavored drinks, so is sugar and plenty of it.  Just in case you have not noticed, acne and sugar are very good friends. If you take in excessive amounts of sugar, it won’t be long before it builds up in your skin and on your face as a plump, tender, heavyweight pimple! Drinking plain ole water is necessary to avoid such stressful skin distractions.
Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep– Your body cannot renew itself unless you rest and give it time to accomplish this important task. When you rest, your body redirects the energy it provides for you to complete your daily activities to nourish your hair, your major organs, and your skin. Six to eight hours of sleep should be sufficient for your skin to look fresh and revitalized.
Wash your face before bed – During the day, you expose your skin to wind, dirt, the sun, (which causes you to perspire) and pollutants. Washing your face prior to bed removes the dirt, salty perspiration, and harsh particles that may still be on your skin and quite possibly clogging your pores. Talk with your parents about doing some research for suitable facial cleansers and moisturizers. Body soap and lotion may be too harsh for your face and can actually do more harm than good.
Protect your skin – The sun’s ultraviolet rays speed up the aging process for your skin. Sun block decreases the intensity and damage that one experiences without protection from the sun. More and more people are experiencing the effects of the sun’s deadly rays with diseases such as various types of skin cancer. Again, tap into your parental resources and ask them to purchase SPF (sun protection factor) lotion for your skin, especially if you spend an extended amount of time in the sun.
Refrain from excessive use of make-up and quick fix products– The truth of the matter is if your skin (young or old) is not healthy, make-up will leave you looking un-easy on the eyes and that is putting it nicely. As you get older, it is normal to experiment with make-up with guidance from your mother or any other trusted guardian. Do some research and please make sure your skin is healthy before you begin applying various types of products. Once you begin to wear make-up, it is imperative that you properly remove it prior to going to sleep so your skin can breathe and return to its soft supple condition.

Finally, speak to your mother about finding a beauty consultant who can personalize and review skin-care products that fit your needs. To wear make-up while you are young is a special thing for that wow effect during a few special occasions (like your senior prom or graduation). If you do not take care of your skin, make-up will eventually become a necessary cover-up.

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