Healthy Skin Care Naturally

Women and men have been seeking healthy skin care products for decades in order to prolong the youth of their skin. They have searched, found, bought, and pasted their faces with hundreds of different skin care products that promised to “renew”, “revitalize”, “bring back” and “reverse” the current condition of their skin. “Fountains of Youth” in a bottle do not exist. The only thing you can do for your skin is keep it clean and allow natural products to keep it healthy.


The skin care products you are using that contain harmful chemicals are causing even more damage to the delicate skin layers of your face, day by day. Take a closer look at the ingredients used in these products, even if they add natural ingredients the toxins outweigh them. Preservatives like Parabens; such as, butyl, ethyl, and methyl, plus alcohol, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, fragrances, and diozane. All of these are toxic to the delicate enzyme balance of the skin. They not only upset the balance, but these skin care products can dry out the skin, lead to allergies and their rashes, increase the aging look of your skin by thinning out the upper layers, and damaging the lower dermal surfaces. This causes your wrinkles to appear even deeper, and cause formation of new ones.


The newest organic skin care products being manufactured today are made from 100% chemical free ingredients’. They are extracted from vegetables, flowers, and plants that are grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Organic skin care products are not helped along with synthetic fertilizers or artificial growth hormones, so none of their harmful additives are transferred to your skin.


When buying new organic skin care products look for labels that carry the following ingredients as part of their formulas. Look for Co enzyme Q10, Cynergy Tk, jojoba oil, squalane, Lipobelle, collagen, elastin, Phytessence Wakame, fruit extracts, papaya, green tea, oils from nuts, or citrus fruits, and alpha hydroxyl. You can also look for the essential oils used in aromatherapy as they are also stong extracts that are goof for the skin.


Not even organic skin care products can bring back the skin tone you had twenty years ago; age and environmental elements have removed that forever from your grasp. What they can do is give you healthy skin that is firmer, clearer, and free of deep wrinkles; which go a long way in making you appear younger.



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