Skin Care Products – Get the Best Products For Your Skin Type

Are you hunting down the perfect skin product for your skin? Many have gone trough the long process of finding a product for their skin condition or problem. However, not knowing enough about their complexion might be the biggest mistake before buying that expensive cream that promise to get rid of your skin problems.

The first thing in finding out more about your complexion is to know what skin type you are. There are 5 skin types; dry, oily sensitive, normal and combination skin.

Dry Skin is quite normal and a condition that can affect you more during winter. It is easily recognized by the feeling of skin tightness, roughness, peeling or cracking. The severeness of this skin type depend if your health status, where you live and the outdoor environment. Dry skin is associated with the premature signs of aging as fine lines and wrinkles appear at an earlier stage.

Oily Skin is the opposite of dry skin. It is easily recognized by the overproduction of sebum that gives your skin a shiny look. The excess oil to the surface of the skin attracts bacteria which in hand can clog within hair follicles and pores, triggering breakouts. Therefore, oily skin is looked as being acne prone, but ages gracefully due to the extra lubrication.

The third skin type is called Combination Skin and is of course a mix of both skin types. It is quite normal to have oily skin in the T-zone which is on your forehead, nose and chin, and dry skin on the rest of your facial area.

Sensitive Skin is recognized by how it reacts to external factors, such as weather, food, sun, etc. This skin is more sensitive when applying cosmetics (especially perfumes) and may experience rashes or a burning sensation when exposed to cold wind, sun and temperature changes.

Normal Skin is what everyone desires. It is the healthy skin we all long for. Not many people have this skin type, so if you are one of them, consider yourself lucky!

Knowing your skin type can be the best way of finding the best skin care products for you. Don’t spend money on products that can make your skin look worse only on products that can make your skin look fabulous!

Grant Ferns, journalist, spots nature’s gift for healthy skin and gives you an insight on products for all your skin treatments needs. Skin care products for acne, acne scars, stretch marks and dry skin conditions.

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