Cancer and Negative Emotions

A number of studies have made a link between the impact of negative emotions on morbidity and mortality yet few understand the true nature and source of these emotions. In this article I hope to convey a deeper understanding of the roots of negative emotions and how one can permanently eradicate/release these roots.

In their recent article in the Annual Review of Psychology (01-Jan-02) entitled “Emotions, morbidity, and mortality: new perspectives from psychoneuroimmunology”, authors Kiecolt-Glaser, Janice K. ; McGuire, Lynanne ; Robles, Theodore F. ; Glaser, Ronald provide both a historical and a scientific review of the evidence linking negative emotions to potential dys-regulation of the immune system and outline various immunological mechanistic hypotheses as to the nature of the immunological derangements seen.

In my experience working with individuals employing a new coaching modality that looks at how negative emotions are rooted in negative beliefs and memories from the past stored in the mind/body I have seen again and again how individuals feel trapped in this morass of negativity and feel helpless to become free of it. In other words they are dealing with two issues: their physio-immunological and their emotional dys-regualtion at once. It has been my anecdotal observation that the two are inextricably linked in a vicious interminable cycle that only spirals downward.

The cycle goes something like this:

The individual experiences a decline in their physical health.

This leads to feelings of despair, helplessness, hopelessness.

These deplete what I call their Life Force Energy from their mind/body.

This leads to a further compromised physio-immunological system.

This leads to greater despair, helplessness, hopelessness and so on; as the cycle repeats itself and tightens a vicious noose around the individual’s neck.

Although many have attempted to break this cycle with medication and psychotherapies it has been my view and experience that such maneuvers are only temporarily if ever effective. The only real way to break the cycle and therefore begin the process of restoring one’s Life Force Energy is to address the roots of the negative emotions themselves. What are these? Well the underlying negative beliefs and memories that fuel them.

For instance the despair is rooted in some of the following beliefs:

1. I am getting worse.
2. I don’t have control of my own bodily functions.
3. I am a prisoner in a body out of control.
4. I am genetically programmed for this problem.

Such beliefs can be permanently erased/eradicated from the mind/body in an effortless and permanent manner. To learn more about how you can become free of your negative emotions and beliefs or to experience a free introductory telephone consultation kindly visit the web link below.

Nick Arrizza MD, a former Psychiatrist and Medical Doctor is an International Life, Executive, Organizational Tele-Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator. He is also on Faculty at Akamai University in Hawaii. He is the CEO and Founder of Arrizza Performance Coaching Inc. and the developer of the powerful Mind Resonance ProcessĀ® (MRP).

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