Forehead Fillers For Sun Damaged Skin

Many people feel the need for forehead fillers, because the lines that form there can become deeply etched in the skin.  The severity of the lines on your forehead can have much to do with heredity, as the pattern and depth of wrinkles seem to run in people’s families.  They can also be attributed to how well you have taken care of your skin over the years and how much exposure that it has had to the elements.

Although it is talked about quite a bit people do not seem to realize just how damaging to your skin exposure to the sun can be.  When you hear most warnings about being out in the sunlight they usually have to do with avoiding the development of skin cancer.  The UV radiation emitted by the sun also plays a huge role in determining how badly wrinkled your skin will be.

Forehead fillers are necessary, because this is an area that is typically getting a lot of exposure to the sun’s rays.  If you spend a lot of time out of doors without a hat on, then you can expect the lines on your forehead to become very pronounced.  This is because of all of the damage that is done by the free radicals that the UV radiation produces in your skin.

Free radicals attack your skin, causing damage at a cellular level.  It is advised that you use products that provide you with ample doses of antioxidants, but most cosmetics products do not offer you enough to be effective.  This is why the first thing that you need to do is seek out a skin care product that contains plant based ingredients, as these are full of the antioxidants that you need.

One of the best forehead fillers is a formula created in New Zealand that takes the providing of antioxidants one step further.  They have discovered that a particular combination of proteins peptides and enzymes that gives you the power to eliminate up to a million free radicals from your skin, while using only one antioxidant molecule.  The company calls this antioxidant Cynergy TK.

Two of the proteins that make up Cynergy TK, are keratin proteins that have been clinically proven to cause the development of cells that transform themselves into new collagen and elastin.  This combination of proteins is known as Functional Keratin, and the increase in the amount of collagen and elastin that this compound provides is dramatic.

The forehead fillers that this company from New Zealand provides keep giving you more, as they also contain a kelp extract that prevents the breakdown of your hyaluronic acid.  The way that it does this is by taking away the ability of a particular enzyme in your skin to destroy the tissue, and therefore allows the hyaluronic acid levels to build back up.

Without a doubt, this company provides you with the most effective forehead fillers that have ever been made available.  If you truly want to see a difference in your skin, then you these are the formulas that you should use.  The results that they will give you are fantastic, so why not click on the link for more information?

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