Eczema Clothing – Essential Facts About the Effects of Clothing on Your Skin

There is no mystery as to why clothing might affect the skin given that is covers a large proportion of the body, but the question may be, why? Those suffering with eczema will know only too well the sudden itchy discomfort that some clothes can bring, in this article I will discuss the benefits of suitable eczema clothing, why and what to avoid.

It is very common for eczema to be present and visible on the skin without respite. Do you ever ask yourself why there is never a break? One of the reasons may be purely down to the type of material your clothes are made from.

Eczema skin tends to be hyper sensitive, and because more often than not the skin is broken and open to further irritation, it is essential not to cover the skin in material that is a known irritant or one that you have a particular allergy to.

One of the worst offenders for causing eczema, even when the skin is free from eczema, is polyester. At this point I will say that there are no doubt some individuals for whom this will not effect but suffice to say a large enough percentage for eczema sufferers who will and should be aware of the potential nasty effects.

Polyester is a man made material that appears to be quite light and comfortable but in fact, has minuscule scratchy fibers that can irritate even non-eczema sufferers. This material can also enhance sweating , further adding to irritation. In fact, any man-made synthetic materials can cause irritation to the skin and are not suitable eczema clothing, so it is just a matter of being vigilant, testing then avoiding if necessary.

That being said another high risk material which is a natural product is wool. This can include wool and cashmere blends. Again, there will be some that can wear wool without consequence but if you suffer from bouts of unexplained eczema or feel itchy in your wool clothes, this may be the reason. The softer wools will probably be slightly less risk compared to the harsher, standard winter woollies.

When you are out shopping for clothes, take care to look at the label to find out what material/s the clothes are made of.

Research has shown that the only material that is guaranteed to cause no irritation to the skin is cotton. Thankfully, it is one of the most abundant materials and you can find any type of garment in this material as well as bed clothing.

The purpose of this article is to simply raise awareness in underlying causes for eczema with clothing being relatively high up on that list. Of course we all know there are other causes but it helps to be aware of your own personal allergies and intolerances to begin your remedy for eczema.

There are many avoidance measures like eczema clothing awareness, using natural methods for eliminating eczema from the body. For a full guide to getting rid of eczema once and for all, continue to the Complete Guide to Remedy For Eczema

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