Nfl Tickets – Pats Back Up Near The Top After Week 10

After posting big Week 10 wins, both the Patriots and Eagles are looking good heading into the final stretch of the season. Here’s a look at the top 10 teams after Week 10.

1. Atlanta Falcons:

Matt Ryan is having a very under-the-radar year and is playing exactly how the Falcons need him to play to be successful. Ryan has thrown just five picks this season against 16 touchdowns and has been the perfect complement to a strong, power running game. With an auspicious schedule the rest of the season, the Falcons are going to have a real shot at winning 12 or even 13 games and challenging for the number one seed in the NFC.

2. New England Patriots:

Even without many big playmakers to help sell NFL tickets, the Patriots still absolutely carved up the Steelers defense in Pittsburgh in Week 10. Bill Belichick once again proved that there is no coach in the league better at bouncing back from a tough loss and Tom Brady brought his name back into the MVP discussion. It would be very Patriot-like for them to trade Randy Moss and go to the Super Bowl, which is why it certainly can’t be discounted at this point.

3. Philadelphia Eagles:

Michael Vick was already having a great year but now has to be considered the front-runner for MVP, which is nothing short of astounding considering that he was in a federal penitentiary just 18 months ago. The Eagles are loaded with playmakers on offense and don’t have to be great on defense to beat teams, and beat them badly.

4. New Orleans Saints:

Fresh of their bye week with both Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush soon to get back onto the field, the Saints are in a good position to challenge the Falcons for the division title. Considering that they’re 6-3 despite their injuries, the Saints could still end up winning the NFC if they can get some of their key playmakers back.

5. Baltimore Ravens:

The Ravens came very close to pulling out that game in Atlanta and taking control of the AFC North. A light schedule over the next couple of wins should send the Ravens to the top of the division anyway and they still are going to be a big part of the AFC playoff picture.

6. New York Giants:

It’s hard not to react to a huge loss at the hands of the Cowboys, but the Giants have proven that they aren’t going to fall apart just because they lost a game. They have a very tough matchup coming up in Philadelphia, one that could give us a real indicator of how the NFC East is going to play out.

7. New York Jets:

I’m not sure how much longer the Jets can continue to tightrope in the fourth quarter. After sneaking out overtime games against the Browns and the Lions, the Jets have a strong 7-2 record but still have a lot to prove.

8. Green Bay Packers:

Even though they’re tied currently with the Bears for the division, they’re easily the best team in the NFC North and now come off their bye week fresh and ready to go down the stretch. Backed by a ferocious defense, this is a team with Super Bowl level talent if they can stay healthy.

9. Indianapolis Colts:

The Colts still will likely be there when all is said and done and now are in control of the very good AFC South. Give them credit for winning through injury but this doesn’t seem like the Indianapolis team that you can chalk up for 11 or 12 wins. Still, this is a playoff-caliber team that no one will want to face come January.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers:

It wasn’t just the one-sided loss to the Patriots that has Pittsburgh fans a little nervous. Since Big Ben has come back, the Steelers have looked shockingly mediocre and have now lost two out of three. If they hadn’t benefited from a questionable call against the Dolphins, the Steelers would be 5-4 and on the outside of the playoff picture looking in.

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