Negative Side Of Omega 3

It is true that everything have 2 sides: good/positive side and bad/negative side. And omega 3 is not an exception. Although its benefits are various, its side effects also exist. Here we only discuss the negative side or side effects of omega 3.


Well, to an extent. Side effects of omega 3 do exist, but they are very easy to avoid. This means that the omega 3 side effects are in fact negligible.


A perfect example of this is the cure to when of the most common negative effects of omega 3. Upon consumption of fish oil, many people report of a “fish burp” and fish-like aftertaste.


Many people avoid this as it is quite nasty and you can imagine why. But it can be dealt with by popping your supplement in with your dinner.


This avoids the after taste and if you eat slowly the burping as well.


Another common problem with omega 3 fish oil side effects is the odour and taste. The solution? Purchase a molecularly distilled omega 3 fish supplement.


This means it is of pharmaceutical grade and thus pure, removing the bad odours and taste.


The next effect of omega 3 is important, so I urge you to focus upon this. Fish oil supplements have blood-thinning properties.


Why is this important? Because some people with heart condition are already using an anti-coagulant which also has blood-thinning properties.


Thinning your blood excessively can be dangerous for your health so, if you have any heart condition, make sure you consult your physician before you use an omega 3 supplement.


The last side effect concerns purity. Some fish used in supplements come from polluted waters and therefore contain the harmful toxins picked up by fish in the water.


To avoid this you can check the omega 3 supplement has undergone the aforementioned molecular distillation. This removes many kinds of harmful impurities and makes supplements safe to consume.


So now that you’re armed with this information, you can use a beneficial fish supplement whilst avoiding the nasty omega 3 side effects. A purified supplement is always the best way to go.


Scott D Oakley is a passionate researcher and reviewer of fish oil supplements. This research is published on his website. To find out about the purified omega 3 supplements which he personally uses and recommends, visit can help you to enhance your health.

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