Safe Products For Sensitive Skin Care

Everyone can benefit from sensitive skin care solutions; regardless of how “tough” they feel that they are. The better sensitive skin products can protect you from the damage that UV rays of sunlight can do. They can reduce wrinkles and delay the signs of aging. They improve the skin’s moisture content and generally make you feel good about your appearance.

However, most of the sensitive skin care cleansers and creams on the market are not that great. Most of them still contain allergens and irritants. They are just a little less irritating than the cosmetic company’s “regular” products.

If you want the best sensitive skin products, you need to look to a source other than the major cosmetic companies. They may call them health and beauty aids, but they are neither. We need all natural products that do not contain artificial preservatives, added fragrances, common toxins, allergens and irritants. We need these things, but few companies provide them.

Sensitive skin products should be safe enough to eat, but how many times have you seen a warning label about contacting a poison control center if they are accidentally ingested. You even see these labels on products designed for the care of the lips. Obviously, some of that product will end up inside your body.

The Environmental Working Group provides a searchable database to help consumers identify safe and sensitive skin care cleansers, creams and lotions. They rate products according to the hazardous ingredients that they contain, on a scale of 0-10. Zero being the least hazardous, ten being the most.

I recently looked up Dove’s sensitive skin care non-foaming cleanser. EWG gave it a 6, moderately hazardous. It has to do with the ingredients. The product contains petrolatum and mineral oil. Those ingredients are derived from byproducts created when petroleum is converted to gasoline. They are prone to contain contaminants.

They are of no benefit to the skin’s health. They do not provide moisture. They cannot even be absorbed by the skin’s layers. They cause a greasy feeling and if it were not for added fragrances, they would smell too bad for anyone to use.

Parabens are often included in sensitive skin products, even though they are the most common cause of allergic reactions. Methyl-paraben is included in the Dove cleanser. Titanium dioxide, a sun-screening ingredient is also included. There is no benefit and no reason to include a sun-screening ingredient in a cleanser.

The ingredients that you want to look for are natural plant oils and extracts. Manuka honey is good ingredient, too. It has natural antibacterial and antioxidant activity. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that are produced as a result of exposure to UV radiation from the sun and environmental toxins.

Functional Keratin is an excellent ingredient for sensitive skin products of all kinds. It has been proven, in clinical studies, to improve the skin’s moisture content and firmness, while reducing wrinkles. It has natural anti-inflammatory activity, which is important for sensitive skin care creams of all kinds. Look for it, by name.

Understanding all there is to know about natural skin care is not always easy.

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