Sudden Rise And Sudden Cold Weather Blood Pressure Carefully Stroke

Since December 16, the two share the strong cold air has invaded Guangdong province temperature dropped significantly. Yesterday, the minimum temperature has dropped to Guangzhou 7 . Weather experts say now in the coldest period of the year. Cold season is Stroke , Rheumatoid arthritis, intestinal Stomach trouble Such as high incidence of many diseases.

Hypertension Patients: close attention to changes in blood pressure

Sudden cooling, will suffer from hypertension, Arteriosclerosis Patients to bring hit. Medical reminders, weather great impact on blood pressure, hypertension and the elderly must pay close attention to their blood pressure, attention to monitoring, timely detection of abnormal blood pressure. Hypertensive patients must pay attention to drug adherence, such as found in relatively large fluctuations in blood pressure occurs, seek medical treatment in time to avoid sudden rise of blood pressure caused by cerebral vascular accident.

Reporter has learned that the current major neurological hospital inpatients were full, mostly because Cerebral hemorrhage Or Infarction Admission, whether outpatient or in-patients were higher than usual increase of 1 / 3.

Stroke Patients: intervene early rehabilitation training

General, stroke patients received emergency treatment, most have left hemiplegia or aphasia sequelae. This part of the patient in stable condition, it should be rehabilitation as early as possible in order to reduce the loss of motor function.

Although many stroke patients come to ask the doctor after the first sentence, “I can get up to walk?” However, many patients are discharged home, “to raise the main,” rather than experts claim that the “movement-based.” Occurred because the side of the barrier function of limbs and can not move as freely as normal people do, so many have special staff to care for patients at home. Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen, director of rehabilitation Douzu Lin said that once the existence of these errors in understanding, it is easy to underestimate their abilities in patients, often family “pet” is broken, frightened patients overcome difficulties together, and slowly hands and feet gradually lost function of the walk has become a thing can not be completed, had to stay in bed all day.

The principle of rehabilitation of stroke patients: “Can not move the local brake, dynamic place to try to move.” Patients should be divided into several small recovery action action, from easy to difficult, combined with daily activities training. Patients completed each step, you may want to take a long time, this time accompanying personnel and their families have great patience, the progress of each of its tiny, are to be properly recognized and praised.

Stroke patients learn to walk again, each person varied widely, depending on the severity of the disease, but also closely related with the patients to take the training. In general, from the bed to walk independently at least six stages to go through practice (practice specific ways to the hospital for rehabilitation doctor), approximately 2-3 months of training time. “However, halfway, to give up practicing a lot of patients.” Douzu Lin said, “patients with hemiplegia initiative to play, as long as can do action, even if the standards movement has not done enough, not so beautiful, are also a qualitative leap.”

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