Skin Care Tips For Acne Sufferers

Be Gentle

One of the most important rules in skin care especially if you suffer from acne is to be gentle with your skin. No washing with very hot or very cold water. It is best to use lukewarm water as well as cleanser (mild) at least two times every day. If you workout then you may need to do it more often. Avoid soap and cosmetics based on chemicals. Get familiar with skin cleansers. Ask for a medical advice if you don’t know what cleanser to use.

The proper to way to wash your face is to do it gently. Don’t scrub as you could generate multiple minuscule lesions in your skin, ideal environment for bacteria development. Instead pad your face dry.

Hands Away from Your Face

I see all the time people with acne constantly touching their face! Squeezing pimples is also a very bad idea! Leave that to professionals.


You shave every day (most of you) so do it careful. Test more razors and keep the one your skin likes best. Typically electric shavers are better tolerated by the skin when you have acne. Shave gently so you don’t cut yourself or open up existing lesions.


One of the minor cause o acne is the use of inappropriate cosmetics. If you suffer from acne choose only oil free products so they don’t waste the effect of an acne treatment. Test more cosmetic products and keep using only the one that don’t close your skin pores and don’t have any side effects.

Don’t get too much Sun

Suntan is trendy and looks awesome on you but don’t overdo it. Sun exposure for long periods of time comes with a price. When acne is your problem it is not worth that price. UV rays burn the upper most of your skin to the point you will feel it dry and it will peel away. Extended exposure to UV rays may cause skin cancer.

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