Find Out About Natural Skin care

Many people are looking for good quality natural skincare products but know very little about the ingredients that go into many of the skincare ranges available today.

There are many ingredients that could be harmful in the long term and cause actual damage to your skin.

When a product says natural is would be best to check the ingredients listed to make sure that none of the following are included:

Fragrance – this term covers over 4000 different ingredients, many of which are either toxic or carcinogenic. Some of these ingredients can affect the central nervous system, they can cause depression or even hyperactivity.

Parabens – these substances are widely used as perservatives in toiletries such as shaving gel and shampoo as well as cosmetics. Recent reports have linked parabens with breast cancer tumours.

Toluene – this substance is found in most synthetic fragrances and chronic exposure has been linked to anaemia, liver or kidney damage and worryingly may affect a developing fetus.

Mineral Oils – these are petroleum by products that are added to skin care products to coat the skin and keep in moisture. They clog the pores and encourage acne by interfering with the skins natural ability to eliminate toxins. These oils are cheap to use but can cause dryness and chapping as well as premature aging.

Your natural skincare choice may not be as natural as you would hope if any of these ingredients are included.

Emerging from New Zealand there is a good quality, all natural skincare range that really is made from all natural ingredients. They have clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of all the substances that they use and all the ingredients are blended in quantities that maximise their effectiveness.

One of the most interesting ingredients is Cynergy TK™, which is almost a miracle in the anti aging process. It stimulates the re-growth of both collagen and elastin which are essential proteins found in the skin. As these proteins are built up in the skin cells once again, wrinkles and fine lines disappear and the effect is to reverse the aging process.

If this product range is something that interests you then this could be the natural skincare regimen for you. For more information visit our website and become an informed consumer.

Jenny Patterson is a keen advocate of using natural products to promote health and wellbeing for the whole body. She regularly writes specifically for women and comments on both health and beauty issues. She is editor of and uses the products recommended regularly.

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