Natural Products For The Skin – Why They Are The Best Skin Care Products

The shampoo that we use, the creams and make-up we put on our face, and the lotions that we put on our skin are all plastic. Well, they’re not literally plastic but they practically are since they’re all made of synthetic ingredients – ingredients that were chemically engineered in laboratories. Nothing’s wrong with the utilization of science and human ingenuity in the creation of these skin products. In fact, it’s quite amazing how far science has reached in the field of skin care and beautification. However, skin products that are purely by-products of science do have the disadvantage of increasing the incidence of eczema rash throughout the world. And natural products for the skin not only fare better in this aspect as they do not cause eczema, but also they also fare better in maintaining and improving skin health.

So that you yourself will see first hand how overwhelming the number (and names) of ingredients are in the skin products that you are currently using, try taking out everything that you place on your skin and place it on a table before you. Don’t forget to include shampoos and hair conditioners in this process since they also come in contact with the scalp which is still considered to be a part of the skin. If you read the labels of the skin products that you have taken out – lotions, creams, facial cleansers, facial toners, deodorants, make-up, soaps, bath gels, perfumes and others – you are going to see a lot of complex chemical names. There can even be more than 20 ingredients in a single product!

Because today’s skin care products contain tons of ingredients, more people are developing skin irritation in general. This skin irritation is referred to as dermatitis(one type of which is called eczema) and is manifested by symptoms like red itching bumps, eyelids swelling, skin itchiness, red itchy sores, dry itching skin, red blotches on skin, neck rashes, under arm rashes, foot skin peeling, peeling hands, red itchy blisters, itchy face, itchy scalps, and so many other symptoms. If you have noticed, the skin rashes can appear anywhere on the body. Also, the rashes don’t always look the same and can look like dry patches of skin, flat or raised red bumps, sores, blisters, and dandruff. Regardless of where they appear and how they look, the fact that skin products cause them cannot be changed.

One reason why these skin products cause eczema symptoms to show in a lot of people is because they have so many ingredients in them. Even though human skin primarily functions to protect us from infection, not all humans have skin that is able to tolerate skin products. Some people have more sensitive skin compared to others which is why when they use skin products that contain unnatural ingredients, they develop rashes. Another possible reason is that these skin products can block the pores of the skin and in turn cause irritation because oil and sweat from the sebum and sweat glands can’t escape to the outermost skin layer.

The only way that eczema and rashes in general can be avoided is to use natural products for the skin. Natural products for the skin not only contain fewer ingredients but they also contain natural ingredients or ingredients that come from nature. Although these ingredients are not necessarily pure since they have also undergone laboratory treatments, much of their natural state is still retained in the process. They were cleaned of impurities and reduced of acids which fruits and plants naturally have so that they will be safe for use and will be less likely to irritate the skin. Also, these natural products are healthy for the skin because they contain vitamins and minerals that other skin products don’t have. Therefore, they will be able to assist the skin’s function of protecting you from infection.

Without a doubt, natural products for the skin are better than skin products that are merely by-products of science. They won’t give you an eczema rash and they will also improve your skin health unlike non-natural skin products.

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